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September 11, 2012

Shade Sculpture invests in the future

Airscult invests in to the latest ‘Easy Technet’ software package – the market leading tensile engineering software in the planning and design of lightweight structures. This latest version of software enables the design of free forms, their static analysis and calculations for cut fabric membranes and films. The programme simultaneous guarantees calculations of membrane or ETFE foil with stiff primary structure elements to ensure economic and efficient material usage, as well as calculating pneumatic structures like air-halls and inflatable domes or foil cushioned structures. The software’s allowance of different types of physical laws enables accurate evaluations of required material and their usage.

Shade Sculpture’s Director of Engineering ‘Valentin Stavrev’ said: “This latest software update allows us to tackle more complicated structures and firmly plants us in the top engineering capabilities category”. “It also increases our engineering analysis offerings to clients “.

Shade Sculpture’s UK Commercial Director ‘Damon Farrell’ said: “Easy Technet is a large investment in Shade Sculpture’s capabilities and one which we believe will quickly justify itself”. “This improved software enables Airscuplt to broaden its design, engineering and analysis offerings, allowing us to compete on a larger scale”. “The investment in such software also enables us to maintain our competitive edge and cost effective innovative solutions which we are known for”.