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July 8, 2014

Shade Sculpture launches dedicated Tension Membrane Buildings division

Shade Sculpture has announced today that it is to launch a dedicated tension membrane buildings division, with structures being designed, engineered and built right here in the UK.

Although tension membrane buildings are not new to the UK market, they have for many years been under sold and underutilised as effective alternative to the traditional large clear span buildings such as Warehouses, Sports Halls, Salt Barns, Aircraft Hangers and Equestrian Centres to mentioned but a few. However, with their cost efficiency, reduced planning requirements, increased environmental credentials and there temporary yet permanent nature, fabric wrapped buildings are becoming more and more popular with Sports Clubs, Local Authorities and Commercial clients alike in the UK.

With full in-house design and engineering capabilities’ Shade Sculpture we be able to develop a fabric clad ‘engineered building’ to meet a client’s exacting dimensions, providing extraordinary clearances for sporting or multi-purpose venue needs.

When asked why Shade Sculpture was to launch a dedicated tensile membrane buildings division, Managing Director Damon Kern Farrell said “As a company we have worked on numerous tensioned membrane buildings across Europe”. “We have worked with and assisted several supplying companies whom are known for their clear span membrane buildings – helping them overcome engineering and design issues”. “We have gained a good insight and understanding of the market sector and its needs”.  “However, we were baffled by the lack of genuine UK designers and manufactures”. “It may be surprising to lean that with the exception of a few, the majority of UK companies offering such buildings are simply a sales arm or a distributor for overseas suppliers”. “This doesn’t mean they are inferior, but when we looked at what was being imported we knew we could design and engineer buildings in the UK that offered better quality whilst still supplying them at similar cost to that of the imported offerings”.  “With more and more clients turning to fabric membrane buildings due to their efficiency, it seemed an obvious evolutional step”.

To find out more about Shade Sculpture’s new tensioned membrane buildings division call 0844 8111382 or email sales on