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September 29, 2012

Shade Sculpture Sculptured Ceiling Capabilities Win the Day.

Shade Sculpture has successfully won yet another sculptured ceiling project in the heart of London. The project was to create an artistic arched ceiling that not only looked stunning but also solved the areas acoustic imbalances. The client ‘a well know sportsman’ – who for obvious reasons will remain anonymous, had recently added a prestigious basement conversion to his London property. The amazing basement boosted an underground swimming pool and gymnasium; however, acoustic properties were not considered during the design and build, which soon became problematic upon completion.  The client wanted to solve this issue whilst ‘at the same time’ adding improved design status.

Being one of the only companies within the UK specialised in sculpted stretched fabric ceilings and acoustic solutions, Shade Sculpture was quickly asked to provide a workable answer. Our designers, engineers and lighting technicians eagerly jumped at the opportunity to design an artistic and acoustic solution. Airsulpts’ sculptured and stylish design concept included solutions for the humidity, acoustic imbalance, visual impact and ease of maintenance – after all, these were what we believed to be the core requirements.

After several weeks of deliberation by the client and interior designer, Shade Sculpture was finally awarded this week the contract. When we asked why we had been chosen appose to the other four competing companies, the client simply answered “You were the only company to provide an appropriate solution and your design blew us both away”.

Installation is now planned for the beginning of November and we hope to soon show you the completed install.