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February 1, 2013

Canopy & Awning Manufacture Alliance puts Shade Sculpture on Top!

We are pleased to announce that Shade Sculpture UK and Carman 2000 Bulgaria have formally announced their manufacture and service alliance. Although the two companies have been working together for many years providing cost effective tensile structural design, engineering and manufacture services, they have never before formalised operational agreements.

This new agreement and announcement sees the two companies committing to a business strategy and alliance that strengthens not only their in-house capabilities and operational footprint, but also increases the competitiveness of their offerings.

Canopy & Awning

Shade Sculpture UK’s Operational Director said “Our two companies already have a lot of history and a strong working relationship behind us. However, this new collaboration whereby Shade Sculpture UK focuses primarily on the Design and Engineering aspect, and Carman 2000 on the fabrication, will allow each party to maximise cost efficiency”.

“All our interior manufacturing, such as sail shades, blinds, stretch ceilings etc will still remain with our British manufacturing” “Only our canopies, awnings and tensile membrane clad structures are confirmed under this agreement”.

Shade Sculpture UK’s Commercial Director said “Carman 2000 are a renowned European manufacturer of tensile architecture such as commercial Canopies, Awning, Sports halls and Barns etc”. “Their understanding of membrane manipulation and fabrication is second to none”. “We are all genuinely pleased, if not relieved to finally formalise this agreement, as it now means we can take our gloves off when quoting for such projects”.

“We are all too aware that client’s budgets are shrinking, whilst their expectations are rising” – “It’s a trying time out there and one we all must adapt to in order to survive”. “However, this alliance allows us to offer Marks & Spencer quality at Aldi pricing, putting us firmly at the front of the queue with clients”.