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June 21, 2013

Creative & Educational

Shade Sculpture supplies creative educational company 4D Creative with sculptured stretched sails.

Spanning 4 meters across, the stretched sails supplied by Shade Sculpture’s www.­shadesailblinds.­com division were designed to fit perfectly between ceiling box sections in a school hall.

The sails were not only used to hide an ugly ceiling but to also act as a backdrop for coloured lights to dance across the undulating and criss-cross sails, providing the primary  focus for a spectacular visual effect. According to the clients installation team, the installation instructions and fittings which were manufactured specifically for the project, made installation a real breeze.

4D Creative have now informed Shade Sculpture that they wish to promote the sail option further to clients due to its ease of installation, cost efficiency and stunning results which they provide.

We look forward to working on more projects with 4D creative.


All our our sail based fabrics adhere to stringent EU fire retardant regulations and can be washed in a domestic washing machine without effecting fire ratings or damaging the produce. A major plus for anyone wishing for easy operational maintenance.