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August 27, 2014

Fabric Sports Halls – Connection with Rio 2016

Fabric Sports Halls & Connection with Rio 2016 – Olympics Games Brazil

The Rio Olympics games are less than 2 years around the corner – Hasn’t time flown since London 2012. With the host city being announced in Copenhagen, Denmark, back on October 2, 2009 the Games are scheduled to be held from August 3 to 21, 2016.

There will be 35 competition venues mainly in Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro and this will be the first time ever a South American city will have host the Olympics event.


Shade Sculpture has been in discussions with several companies from Brazil, asking us to quote and assist on fabric sports halls for this prestigious event. We have made some significant contacts with Brazilian Companies, working within similar tensile design and engineering segments as Shade Sculpture, wishing to ally themselves with us and offer our services throughout the South American market.

Within the South American market ‘specifically Brazil’ the use of fabric sports halls is increasing dramatically, due to the multifaceted benefits they offer. As such we are excited to make new contacts in Brazil with companies wishing to benefit from Shade Sculpture’s expertise in fabric architecture and tensile structural design / engineering.

To South American businesses, Shade Sculpture offers not only the latest in cutting edge design and engineering, but increased quality production backed by a professional team that has substantial experience in fabric structures, tensile design, tensioned membrane, design process and project management etc..

Fabric Sports Hall Design

We are able to offer the perfect solution for Fabric Sports Hall and Membrane Wrapped Buildings. By using steel beams instead of open web trusses, it is possible for us to design clear open span buildings which incorporate extra loads for additional constructions such as air-conditioning systems, lighting etc. Our designs also offer a rapid construction and installation methodology, longevity, low cost build, reduced operational costs, aesthetically pleasing design and exceptional playing conditions.

Shade Sculpture’s Tension Membrane Buildings division are experts in sports hall projects  with a selection of prestigious sports hall projects under our belt, we are able to design, build and install, whatever your requirements may be. With a unique understanding of all aspects of fabric membrane buildings, we are able to work with our clients as consultants or handle the whole project planning and design through to construction and maintenance. Our team on every project ensures great performance, lasting value and a superior quality construction.

Tensile design features:

Our structural fabric solutions are highly cost-effective whilst providing superior quality. Our tensile membrane structural designs offer revolutionary design that creates a unique, year-round indoor-outdoor facility. Such Sports buildings designs feature a clean, bright, open and airy space that is essential in creating the perfect sports environment for:  football, tennis, soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, schools sports house, horse riding, ice skating and all other multi-sport training facilities.

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