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July 29, 2013

Temporary Ceiling Cover at Sainsbury’s HQ

( helps Sainsbury’s head office by providing a removable stretched ceiling cover, to conceal works being carried out.

Whilst refurbishment works are being carried out at Sainsbury’s head office in London, management decided they wanted the 8m x 6m hole in the ceiling to be covered during working hours, so that staff did not become distracted. They did not just want a simple sheet to cover the hole, but a stylish solution which made the construction works to become unnoticeable. The ceiling contractors were initially at a loss on how to solve this, as no such product on the market could do this.  That is until they spoke with our sister company shade sail

The stretched ceiling panel was made with engineering calculations so that when it was installed it provided a flat ‘tight as a drum’ look, concealing the hole above.

According the ceiling contractors, management didn’t even notice that the ceiling work had started – Which just shows you how well the temporary ceiling cover works.

As Shade Sail Blind’s retail work increases, they are developing more and more stylised covering and screening solutions to help shop fitters and ceiling installation companies disguise refurbishment works which are being carried out.

It is a well-known fact that shop refurbishment works decreased footfall within any retail outlet, as customers are put off ‘not knowing if the shop is still open for business or if it is safe to enter’.

With stylised professional screening options, Shade Sail hopes to help retail outlets maintain their customer footfall. With Patents pending on new up and coming solutions, retail refurbishment is set to be a major part of their service offering.