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December 18, 2014

Temporary Fabric Storage Buildings UK

Temporary Fabric Storage Buildings are more popular in the UK now than ever before. Capable of spanning large Clear and Open Areas, we are capable of providing designs which incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses.  This relatively new design concept provides a high level of flexibility, offering an increased range of applications and functionality. With improved tensile engineering, our Temporary Fabric buildings are individually designed and manufactured to meet the exacting needs of the site and most importantly the client’s usage.

Benefits of tensile fabric structures.

Due to the temporary yet permanent nature of Fabric Buildings it is easier to get planning permission for Storage Buildings, Salt Storage Barns, Temporary Warehousing, Fabric Aircraft Hangers and Equestrian School Buildings than ever before. With the improvements in fabrics and membrane coverings, such Temporary Buildings now offer increased lifespan meaning a Temporary Storage Building can be used as a permanent building, yet still be passed by planning as temporary Warehousing or Salt Storage Barn etc.

Additionally, with clear span construction the buildings provide more usable space than alternative construction methods. With a further benefit of such buildings being designed and constructed in a modular form ‘away from site’, fabric buildings offer increased flexibility and speed of construction. With such clear benefits you can quickly start to see why Fabric Membrane Buildings are more popular than ever before.

However, to the vast majority the most important benefit comes in the form of cost. Due to such buildings being manufactured off site and erected onsite within a matter of days, one of the biggest cost implications of construction is vastly reduced. This is why Temporary Membrane Buildings are amongst the most cost effective forms of buildings on the market.

Temporary Building Costs

Depending upon the site location, design, size and specification requirements, Temporary Buildings Such as small Warehousing, Storage Brans, Salt Barns etc. can start from as little as £30,000. Costs obviously increase with size, design and type of fabric building, but they are still significantly more cost efficient than other types of buildings.

Shade Sculpture Temporary and Permanent Fabric Storage Buildings

Being tensile fabric architects, at Shade Sculpture we understand the importance of bespoke design and engineering. However, to some a standardised modular design can offer a more suitable and affordable solution to their needs. This is why we now supply a range of modular solutions which can quickly and easily be adapted to meet the individual client’s needs.

As part of our Temporary and Permanent Fabric Membrane Buildings division, we provide the follow services:

  • Assistance with Panning Application
  • Multiple Modular Fabric Building Designs
  • Bespoke Storage Building Design
  • Ground Works & Foundation Engineering
  • Complete Installation & Construction Service
  • Engineering Certification

To find out more about our Temporary and Permanent Fabric Buildings, call us now on 01249 -848649 or email us on