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September 8, 2015

Tensile Fabric Interiors

Shade Sculpture is pleased to announce yet another successful installation by our Tensile Fabric Interiors team. The stylish atrium shading not only adds a touch of high design and drama to the prestigious buildings reception at One Tames Valley in Bracknell, Berkshire, but also dramatically improves the spaces auditorium acoustic characteristics.

With more and more open planned commercial and office buildings being built, to fuel the desire of wide open spaces which we all crave, Shade Sculptures’ Tensile Fabric Interior teams has never been busier. In fact, our Tensile Interiors team is our fastest growing division, providing more tensile fabric interior solutions than the majority of our industry competitors.

Interior Tensile Possibilities

As already alluded to above, architects and interior designers are designing more and larger open spaced buildings to quench our thirst for extra inclusive interior environments. This trend is now setting the normal for interior spaces. As such Interior Tensile Possibilities are being used as an enhancement to the design feature.

Apart from the standard designer stretched sails or stretched fabric ceiling options, Shade Sculpture is being asked to design ever more complex and engineered Tensile Fabric Interiors, using many different types of fabrics, framing and technical options.

For years Tensile Fabric Structures and Tensile Architecture has been seen and used as a mainstay of inspirational exterior roofing and cladding. However, as designers look to break free from the standard four straight walls of building interiors, Tensile Fabric Design is being asked to enhance interiors with stunning organic curves and flows, whilst giving interiors a natural feel that is more in harmonious with how we as humans want to use and see our environment. The very same design engineering expertise ,technical knowhow and CAD software packages we use for larger tensile fabric structures, such as sports arenas stadium roofing and tensile canopies is the very same we use to develop our interior fabric tensile designs; allowing our in-house capabilities to be cross pollenated, ever increasing understanding of design.

Interact Tensile Interiors

Tensile fabric design, when used in interiors, not only allows designers to create more inviting open spaces but can also allow the tensile fabric elements to be used as an interactive component, further improving how we interact with our environment.

With the use of LED lighting, rear projection systems and the latest gesture control hardware & software, Shade Sculpture has been involved in numerous interactive tensile fabric interior projects, both on permanent installations within industry sectors such as the Theatre / Film and on temporary installation for Media Promotions.  Currently Shade Sculpture Fabric Interior team are working on several such projects, which when launched, will be seen as the next evolution in interior interaction. Obviously due to client confidentiality we cannot discolour further information until they are within the public domain, but we hope to release details nearer the time.

At Shade Sculpture we are known for our  forward thinking approach to how and where tensile fabric architecture can be used to improve design and environments; which is why, we are proud to be the UK’s, if not Europe’s market leader in Interior Tensile Fabric Solutions and Interact Tensile Interiors.

To find out more about Airsulpts Interior and Exterior Tensile Architectural capabilities, call us know on  + 44 (0) 1249 848649 or email us directly with your project requirements at where we will be more than happy to discuss any of your tensile fabric project requirements.