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Advertising balloons, helium blimps, spheres, aerostats, call them what you may, they make an immediate and lasting impact to whoever sees them. Floating at 60 meters above ground you can’t help yourself stopping and staring at the object floating effortlessly in the sky. With our professional aerial branding assistance, Shade Sculpture has helped maximise brand potentials across Europe.

Our aerial media solutions

  • We only manufacture to order – This enables us to design and provide you with exactly what you need.
  • We only manufacture our blimps from PU-Coated Rip Stop Nylon – This means our blimps offer longevity and are built for long term aerial advertising.
  • Our products are designed to provide exceptional aerial stability – With patented 3D-aerofoils ‘incorporating Ram Air Fin technology’ our aerostats are able to withstand greater wind tolerances than a majority of our competitor’s offerings.
  • Our products incorporate internal bladders and ballonets ‘where applicable’ to maintain helium pressure and decrease the loss of helium gas associated with blimps and aerostats. This means our products offer dramatic reductions in operating costs. Let’s face it………helium isn’t a cheap gas.
  • Our aerial media solutions are exquisitely designed and manufactured to aeronautical specifications.
  • And finally………..our aerial solutions are extremely competitively priced.

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We provide numerous options of sizes, colours and branding capabilities.

Call or email us to find out more.