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Acoustic Panels / Sound Absorbing Panels / Acoustic Sound Boards are acoustic based products designed to improve and solve problematic sound imbalances or noise pollution issues.

Most of such products on offer are mass produced with identical acoustic values. At Shade Sculpture we believe in the philosophy of one size does not always necessary fit all. That is why we focus on designing, manufacturing and installing acoustic panels engineered specifically to solve the individual environments acoustic issues. Additionally we specialise in working with Architects, Acoustic Practitioners and individual end user clients to create stunning artistic sculptured panels which enhance interior design features.  Coupled with our acoustic analysis options or independently of, our designers and engineers are able to create acoustic panels to suit all types of acoustic requirements; be it sound diffusing panels, sound absorbing panels, bass trap panels etc.

How we work – Individually Tailored Solutions.

With an in-depth knowledge of acoustic based fabrics, materials, sound wave patterns and diffusing techniques we first of all identify the issues. From this we design and test a 3D rendered model of the acoustic panel or structural design, allowing us to hone the product towards the specific acoustic issues.  Once the appropriate characteristics have been finalised, we manufacture and install depending upon requirements.

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