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Sound dispersal and residence is extremely problematic for interiors of builds where open spaces amplify the sound waves.   For today’s open and modern architecture, creating the right acoustic characteristics is essential. The correct acoustic balance can dramatically improve a buildings appeal and increase workforce productivity. For retail customers, hotels and restaurants an improved acoustic balance provides a more warming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Understanding acoustic values and improving them can and does have a positive impact on trade.


There are many companies who can assist in improving a room or buildings acoustic by incorporating sound dampening panels to walls and ceiling; so how do we differ?

Using the latest acoustic analysis software and computer modelling programmes, Shade Sculpture is able to create accurate 3D representations of a room or building’s interior. From this we are then able to replicate the interiors acoustic characteristics. Shade Sculptures’ engineers then incorporate specialised sculptured sound absorbing and dispersal tensile structures that compliment and improve the interiors architectural and design appeal.   By entering these structures back into our acoustic analysis and computer modelling programmes, we are able to accurately remodel the interiors acoustic properties – Improving problematic noise pollution and proving stunning sculptured fabric architectural structures.  Depending upon requirements we can provide solutions ranging from suspended shaped acoustic panels through to 3D sculptured sound absorbing stretched ceilings. With an in-depth knowledge for acoustic and sound absorbing fabric/materials that comply with EU building regulations, together with our expertise in fabric form finding, we are able to tailor our offerings and designs specifically towards each project.

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