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Tensile Membrane Architecture

Tensile Membrane Architecture

Cost efficiency
Tensioned membrane architecture offers both the structure and the roofing shell in one. Depending upon the requirements, shaped fabrics under tension can span large areas at dramatically reduced costs compared with conventional roofing systems. They are also erected more efficiently reducing costs even further.

Design Freedom
Being a flexible and highly formable design system, tensile fabric membranes are able to be formed into breathtakingly spectacular designs. This allows architect to do things unthinkable with conventional construction materials.   A well designed tensile structure instantly adds to a buildings aesthetics, giving it notoriety whilst improving its functionality.

Noise pollution
Fabric roofing structures provide not only the benefit of reducing climatic noise from rain, hail and wind, but also the curved construction diffuses both internal and external sounds, whilst absorbing them at the same time. This dramatically improves noise pollution.

Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures

Lower energy costs
Tensioned fabric structures have high sun reflecting properties and low absorbency of sunlight. This greatly reduces the solar energy and heat that enters the structure, whilst still maintaining constant internal temperatures.  Translucent materials provide a comfortable and natural light source, removing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime reducing energy cost even further.

Increased branding
Adding corporate identity to the fabric membrane provides a perfect opportunity to improve notability and visual marketing of your company or promotional brand. Illuminated correctly, they also enhance your branding at night and enforce your market positioning. Tensioned fabric architecture offers the ability to exploit underutilised space whilst increasing marketing presence at the same time.

Semi-permanent nature
Tension membrane structures ‘historically’ have been closely tied to major events such as exhibitions, where shelters are needed for short periods of time. Tension Fabric structures can be easily designed for rapid relocation and re-erection; making them perfect for high impact event structures. Not only does this help with practicality it also helps with planning permission for fixed term structures as they are classed by most authorities as semi-permanent structures.

There are many more benefits which tension membrane structures provide. Contact us directly to discover more reasons as to why you should be looking at tensile fabric architecture.

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