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Membrane Wrapped Buildings

Membrane Wrapped Buildings

Shade Scultpture fabric membrane wrapped steel and aluminium framed structures or –  tensile membrane buildings as they are often called –  offer incredible flexibility and cost savings. With ridged frame engineering, wrapped with a quality PVC fabric membrane, 100% of the interiors space can be utilised; making them ideal for Sports Halls, Recreational Facilities, Storage Facilities, Salt Barns, Riding Arenas, Permanent or Temporary Warehousing, Construction Site Shelters, Agricultural Buildings and even Aircraft hangers.

Capable of spanning large open span areas our buildings incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses.  This relatively new design concept provides a high level of flexibility, offering a wider range of applications and functionality. With improved tensile engineering, our open span tensile membrane buildings are individually designed and manufactured to meet our clients exacting needs.

Depending upon requirements, our membrane structures can incorporate double skinned fabrics with high tolerant insulation – providing even greater insulation properties than that of traditional fixed construction. The utilisation of translucent or semi-translucent fabrics provides a comfortable and natural light source, removing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime reducing energy and annual operating cost even further. These properties make our membrane structures one of the most cost efficient buildings imaginable.

With an operational lifespan based primarily on the type membrane fabric used, our semi-permanent and temporary structures have a standard lifespan of 10-30 years plus. When the time comes, the cost efficient replacement of the membrane provides an inexhaustible operational lifespan of the structure. Membrane wrapped buildings can also be relocated with minimum effort should they be required to.

Construction & Installation is extremely quick. Once the required ground works have been done, the frames are erected in a matter of days. The membrane is then heat welded and constructed directly on site to ensure a perfect fit.  Typical construction can be done within a single week.

Our bespoke designed an engineered fabric clad buildings are amongst the most efficient and durable semi-permanent, temporary or permanent open span buildings available on the market.

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