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Construction & Installation

Construction & Installation

Critical to the success of a tensile structural project is the coordination skills and capabilities of the site operatives and management whose job is to install. Installation of a tensile structure needs to be carried out by trained tensioned fabric installation personnel with and in-depth understanding of both the materials being used and its architectural construction.

Able to coordinate multi-crane lifts, organise internal courtyards layouts whilst operating working net platforms and rope access teams requires a true understanding of the site, the construction methodology and site safety.

Tensile Membrane Installation Services

Our tensile installation services team has extensive experience and expertise in the installation of tensile fabric structures both nationally and internationally.

Site Management

Our team of supervisors are able to take on a site management role, ensuring full compliances and programme managements are met. Coordinating our site staff and subcontractors or local labour force, our knowledge and expertise in tensile architecture installation allows us to:

  • Rapidly resolve site issues
  • Supervise all forms of machinery /equipment
  • Ensure the  project is installed in accordance to programme
  • See the project through to handover stage

Installation Services – Site Safety

Installing tensile fabric structures and associate steelworks can often involve complex site operations. Site safety relies heavily on all employees and site operatives being confident and qualified to carry out tasks they are assigned to do.  With a strict adherence to Health & Safety regulations our installation service personnel ensure all compliances and safety documentation are met. From the outset of a tensile structural project, we outline and develop the following:

  • Health and safety plans
  • Method statements
  • Risk Assessments

Full installation services typically incorporate all client and contractor co-ordination, subcontractor management and coordination, method statements, risk assessments & lift plans and installation inclusive of all plant and labour.

Due to the complex nature and architectural design of tensile structures, their sites access and associated constraints, our installation team’s qualifications and expertise are significant. This enables us the ability to provide the most appropriate and cost effective installation solution to meet the structure and client’s needs.

If you would like to discuss our tensile structure installation capabilities and services, please feel free to contact us.