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Stadium Media Membrane Facades

Stadium Media Membrane Facades

Stadium Media Membrane Facades

As stadium and arena designs evolve to embrace the ever changing world of corporate branding and advertising rights, Stadium Media Membrane Facades will become more and more popular. Stadium branding and its interactive nature are rapidly becoming a must have for these ‘multi-purpose spaced’ buildings. The ability to alter an entire stadiums appearance and branding with the flick of a switch allows Stadiums and Arenas to not only become an event space, but an adaptive venue in its own right; attracting increased sponsorship and event management fees.

At Shade Sculpture, our management were amongst the first to embrace the concept of Interactive Fabric Membranes and LED Media projection Stadium sidings. With an in-depth and practical knowledge of working with the world’s leading interactive lighting companies, such as Philips, Osram, and Sony Technologies, Shade Sculpture’s management understand how tensile membrane and media lighting systems merge to form ‘future proof’ interactive architecture.

Interactive Media Membrane Framing

When merging tensile fabric structural facades with adaptive media technology, the design of the Interactive Media Membrane Framing is critical for forming structural union. Working with the projects chosen interactive media company, we begin by ensuring the facades membrane framing design incorporates all cabling and electronic control units, whilst conforming to the projects applied engineering parameters. We also work with the projects architects and media design team to help provide an extensive consultancy backed approached; ensuring the interactive architecture reflects the exact design specific principles.

Form Finding Stadium Membrane Facades

With a detailed and practical knowledge of the design and installation process of Stadium Media Enhanced Membrane Facades, we understand more than most that Form Finding is actually the most important initial design step to begin with. This is not only to ensure the design can be seen in 3D modelled format, but to enable the designers and engineers to look at the practical implications of instructiveness over the tensioned membrane. As such, a detailed form finding analysis is established and put forward as a priority to the projects development. From this you can see exactly how the façade will embrace the interactive elements of architectural design. From finding also enables us to visualise and adapt the concept during this critical design stage; ensuring a harmonious merger between existing structural components, the membrane façade enhancement and the way in which the media is display.

Project Management

As part of our consultative approach to Stadium Media Membrane Facades, we implement and supply a dedicated Project Manager with specific LED, Interactive Media Tensile Membrane knowledge.  With the project manager embedded with the development team, all aspects and practicalities of, supply, fabrication, installation and maintenance are embraced, to deliver a successful and cost effective solution with minimum impact to existing structures and improved timeframes.

To find out how Shade Sculpture can help implement and develop an interactive media façade, call us on + 44 (0)1249 848649 or email us on where we will be delighted to assist you in your enquiry.