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Tensile Structural Design & Engineering

Tensile Structural Design & Engineering

The process of tensile structural design & engineering is critical to development of a successful construction project. With the unpredictable nature of  weather, all tensile structures need to be designed and engineered to perform under all conditions. As a Tensile Structural Design & Engineering company it is our responsibility to design and engineer a tensioned membrane structure that operates under all foreseeable Wind and Snow loadings that are associated with the structures installation site, and geographical stipulations.

Tensile Membrane Design

Tensile fabric structures fall specifically into one of  two types of engineered designs – Membrane structures that transfer loadings onto adjoining buildings or structures and those that maintain the structural loadings within themselves.  With access to the latest tensile engineering and design software, together with our own Structural Engineers confirmation, we are able to generate computer models and load analysis calculations that confirms the required tensile structural engineering criteria. These tensile calculations show us all associated stress loads and points on the membrane and structure. Correlating this information allows us to factor in:

  • Size of Steelworks Required
  • Construction Type & Size of Foundations
  • Tensional Loadings on Connections and Fixings
  • Fabric Reinforcement & Bonding Requirements.

Tensile Engineered Structures

As a company we look to engineer innovative tensile structures that push the boundaries of fabric architecture. We also only design and engineer tensile structures that comply with the very latest regional construction design and build codes. As part of our design and engineering stage we look to incorporate local installation factors such as environmental loadings, wind defections and optimal loading transfers.

We have a dedicated team of structural designers, engineers and graphic artists capable of designing ‘breathtakingly spectacular’ bespoke fabric architecture in compliance with national and international construction codes. Specialised in tensile fabric architecture we can provide as much or as little assistance as is required on design and construction projects. We are also able to assist third party construction company’s on collaborative project basis. Providing assistance on construction approvals, planning applications or industry tender responses. We are also adept at working on Heritage Architectural and Conservation Projects. Alternatively we can act as a project consultant, providing industry expertise where needed.

Shade Sculpture’s team has collaborated with dozens of architect firms, construction companies, artist and event structure manufacturers across the globe, helping them with our specialised tensile fabric expertise in design engineering and consultancy. If you are interested and want to find out more contact us now.