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Tensile Architectural Consultancy

Tensile Architectural Consultancy

Strong, transparent and accountable tensile architecture management consultancy, that puts control firmly back with you! Authorised and professional assistance in ETFE projects, Sports and Stadium projects and all large scale tensile membrane projects. Shade Sculpture provides comprehensive construction management consulting services with specialisations in all aspects of Tensile Membrane and ETFE construction.

To ensure the best outcome for your Tensile Membrane or ETFE project, you need people who have full understanding of both traditional construction and the complexities which tensile membrane and ETFE projects need to overcome. Shade Sculpture provides comprehensive tensile and ETFE construction management consulting services.

Why Look at ETFE and Tensile Construction Consultancy?
Our experienced ETFE and Tensile construction consultant professionals provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project.
The construction industry has been for many years, and will continue to be, one on the most competitive of all industries. Main-contractors, Architects, suppliers and sub-contractors alike are continuously being asked to find ways in which to deliver projects more efficiently whilst providing more cost-effective deliverables. Competition is at the heart of most contracts awarded within the construction industry. With Shade Sculpture’s Tensile Architectural Consultancy ‘T.A.C’ for short, Shade Sculpture can provide the industry with full financial control and profitably when it comes to the procurement and delivery of tensile membrane projects such as sports stadium cable net systems, building facades, roofing, canopies and walkways.

With the construction industry employing best lump-sum competition bidding, or, best unit-price competition tendering as the primary method for awarding contracts to contractors, it is now more important than ever before to ensure all cost saving practices are employed.

Shade Sculpture’s consultancy management have overseen many large and high profile tensile architectural projects including but not limited to The Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, The Beira Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre, The Olympic Stadium in Kiev and the National Stadium Warsaw, The Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, The Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg and Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

Tensile Architectural Consultancy Services:
Cost Constancy
• Determination of client requirements
• Help in deifying budgets
• Advising on procurement strategy
• Value for money assessments
• Fabrication procurement
• Risk management and value management
• Cash flow projections
• Preparation of bills of quantities
• Assessing tenders
• Assisting with valuation of claims
• Issuing tender documentation.

Design Consultancy
• Design assessment
• Feasibility Studies
• Form-finding
• Cutting pattern generation
• 3D Modelling
• Loading and stress loading calculations
• Connection detailing
• Fabrication drawings
• Installation methodology

Procurement Consultancy
• Supplier identification
• Tender documentation assistance
• Membrane manufacture (outsourced)
• Steelworks fabrication (outsourced)
• Cable-net (outsourced)
• Installation (outsourced)

Structural Consultancy
• Value management
• Risk assessment
• Project management
• Building regulations submissions
• Structural calculations

Project management
• Tender engagement
• Planning preparation and assistance
• Fabrication
• Health & Safety
• Risk assessment
• Site management
• Installation
• Client management

As ETFE Cushion and Tensile Architectural Project Consultants, we work with a wide variety of business types ranging from Architectural Practices, Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors, through to End Clients and even other Tensile Membrane companies.

To find out more about how our T.A.C consultation approach can help save companies such as your valuable time, money and resources; whilst ensuring you remain in full control of the project and profitability, call us now on +44 (0) 1249 848649. Or email us on