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Tensioned Membrane Engineering

Tensioned Membrane Engineering

Designed and manufactured to comply with all appropriate BS6399 building codes, as well as working to the European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures, we ensure all our installations are built to the highest of standards and surpass all compliant safety loadings. All our design and engineering solutions include the most current fabric technology and superior ‘multi material optional’ frame systems including steel, galvanised steel, extruded aluminium and hardwood such as oak or marine laminate composites, guaranteeing superior build quality and structural lifespan.

Engineering analysis

During our engineering stage a detailed analysis of the tensile membrane is carried out to simulate the behaviour of the structure under external loads and self weight. This includes tensile stress and tensile strength testing. A non-linear static analysis is performed under the external loads of wind and snow; these values have to conform to the normative values of geographical area in which the structure is to be erected. A calculation of the kinetic displacements under normative loads is performed along with an analysis of the water displacement and drainage.

Only after the calculations of the optimal loads has been completed, can materials and construction methods be chosen to surpass the optimal loads.

Finally a detailed documentation of the analysis is prepared to comply with all European or associated International standards.

to find out more on how we can assist in tensile fabric engineering and tensioned membrane architecture, contact us now.