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Welcome to Shade Sculpture – Designers and architects of tensile fabric structures

Shade Sculpture Limited provides professional services in the design, engineering and construction of tensile fabric structures and tensioned fabric architecture. Our expertise covers products such as state of art tensile membrane architectural structures for the commercial construction industry,including fabric buildings, Stadium & Arena Roofing Membranes, Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene (ETFE) roofs and Entrance Canopies. Shade Sculpture also provides stretched ceilings and sculptured acoustic solutions for interior designers, through to inflatable exhibition structures and artistic installations for event and marketing professionals.

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Tensile Fabric Structures

With renowned in-house designers and structural engineers, including a dedicated European manufacturing facility specialising in fabric engineering, tensile membrane architecture, acoustic panels and materials production, as well as metal fabrication; our understanding of fabric architecture is only surpassed by our passion for exceptional customer services and cost effective, innovative solutions.

Why Fabric?

Fabric is one of the most formable and pliable construction materials imaginable, allowing the design and construction of some truly amazing buildings, interior design, aeronautical and event structures. With a myriad of fabric options offering strength, improved longevity, visual impact, cost efficiency and practicality amongst others – The question should be Why Not Fabric. Many construction, design and marketing professionals are now realising the versatility and augmented benefits of fabric architecture.

Specialists in

  • Tensile and Membrane Architecture
  • Fabric Architectural Design & Engineering
  • Sculptured Acoustic Panels
  • Awnings & Canopies
  • Sail shades (Interior and external)
  • Air Supported Structures
  • Inflation Structures
  • Retail, Commercial, Hospitality & Domestic Sectors.
  • International Construction Codes.

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