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Sports Stadiums & Arena Structures

Sports Stadiums & Arena Structures

Sports Stadiums & Arena structures are increasing in both popularity and in numbers due to the international development of sports such as Football and Athletics, and the need for more specialised entertainment and event venues.

With stadium and arena designs needing to be more functional and flexible, architectural practices concentrated on stadium and arena projects are utilising tensioned membrane architecture to enhance their design impact, operational adaptability and environmental credentials.

Again, as more large scale event venues and arenas are being sort after, architects are increasingly being asked to come up with inspirational ‘eye-catching’ designs which grab the attention of both event promoters and audiences alike.  With this in mind, and due to the design freedom they bring, architect are more commonly turning to tensioned membrane fabrics such as PTFE, ETFE and PVC’s to wrap arena sidings and for forming iconic roofing structures. This is because tensioned fabrics have excellent illumination / projection qualities with free flowing properties which make them ideal in the creation of high impact architectural and promotional design.

Stadium Tensioned Membrane Roofing

We and our partners at Shade Sculpture are one of the few tensile architectural practices specialised in the large scale design, engineering and installation of Stadium Tensioned Membrane Roofing. With reference projects including the Manaus Stadium Brazil, Rhein-Neckar-Arena Germany and Bunyodkor Stadium in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Shade Sculpture and its collaborative partners are more than capable of assisting in the design, engineering and installation of Stadium Tensioned Membrane Roofing.

Our Stadium & Arena Approach

From the initial brief to the completion of the project, we work with our clients to understand the precise tensioned fabric and membrane roofing requirements. And, with our broadening expertise we are able to provide effective design and engineering’s that helps enhance the projects architectural vision. With an extensive knowledge base in design, engineering, installation, fabric options and tensioned membrane design capabilities, working with the Project Architects, Main Contractors and the end clients we are able help fulfil the projects key objectives.

Sports Stadium & Arena Tensioned Membrane Services

  • Tensile Fabric Design & Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • All Tensioned Membrane Fabrics Fabrication
  • National and international Stadium and Arena Membrane Fabric Installation
  • Installation Project Management
  • Structural Loading Analysis

With the increase in Sports Stadium sizes and installation restrictions on Sports Stadium & Arena construction sites, Shade Sculpture is increasingly being asked to help clients develop more elaborate and concise tensioned membrane roofing and architectural claddings. To find out more on how Shade Sculpture can help with Sports Stadium and Arena membrane roofs and cladding, simply give us a call and asked to speak with our large Scale projects team or email us at